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Posted on: 11/09/18

How to solve Amazon Echo Mic Problems


The launch of Echo Alexa as a virtual assistance has made the lives of many users easier. It is just a device that accepts your commands and turns them into action. Alexa is the application where Echo is a smart speaker. It can play music, tell you to live traffic and weather conditions, turn off/on your smart devices and much more. But there are some problems associated with Echo, specifically related to its Mic. It is a hardware component which hears your voice and then executes it into an action. If you fear the troubleshooting would make the trouble worse then you should directly reach out to Amazon Alexa Customer Service where the team of certified technicians will resolve the issue.

Now the question arises that what you can do to end the snag from your part? Obviously, try some basic troubleshooting. You can follow the given alternatives before availing assistance.

1. Restart your Echo: Unplug it from the wall and wait for a few seconds. Then turn it on. If your Echo still does not hear you then reset it to the factory default settings via Alexa app which will eliminate all hassles in single attempt.

2. Disable the mic for a while: Push the mic button located at the top of your Echo device. Turn it off and the light ring will show red color. Let it stay for some time and then reactivate by pushing mic button on again.

3. Place your Echo to some other place: It is a Bluetooth speaker and catches networks easily. If you have kept your echo near to microwave or an open window then it can be emitting noise from other places and having a problem in hearing from you. So move it to somewhere silent place and then speak.

4. Teach Alexa to hear you better: Open the Alexa app on your device and tap on the menu button > settings. There you will find an option of Voice training, explore it and try speaking then.

If you perform this solution then the mic problems will be fixed. But for further assistance, you are advised to contact Echo Alexa contact number. The trained technicians will give you an instant solution.


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